How It Works

The Basics

Chrono Connect brings watch traders from around the UK and Europe together on one dedicated trader-only platform to trade timepieces at trade prices.

With minimal fuss, a streamlined and transparent process, Chrono Connect makes life easier for the modern trader.

Traders can select preferences for the watches they are interested in and when a watch is submitted to the platform they will receive an instant notification and be able to place their maximum offer.

Upon acceptance of an offer, the watch can be switched hands within as little as 48 hours with both the watch and the funds fully secured for the duration of the transaction, for maximum peace of mind.

All watches will come through Chrono Connect for full authentication and validation prior to funds being released to complete the transaction.

How To Buy

Buying On The Platform

  • Register an account with us in order to place offers on pieces.

  • Once registered and your account has been verified and approved by Chrono Connect, you will be able to place offers on pieces to your liking (fees applicable)

  • When a new watch is added to the platform, interested buyers have a 28 hour window to place their maximum offer

  • All pieces will be displayed with a full description of the watch and a detailed picture library

  • After the bidding window has ended, the seller will be provided with the highest offer and given the chance to accept or decline

  • At this point, if the offer is accepted, the watch will be collected from the seller where 70% will be paid upfront by Chrono Connect and delivery arranged with the buyer

  • In this time Chrono Connect will have now received the watch, confirmed its authenticity and ensured the watch is as described by the seller

  • Upon the satisfaction of Chrono Connect, the watch will be shipped securely to the buyer and remaining funds released to the seller, thus completing the transaction

How To Sell

Selling On The Platform

  • Register an account with us in order to sell your watches

  • Once your selling account has been verified and approved by the Chrono Connect Team, you will be able to sell your pieces on the platform (fees applicable)

  • All listings will need to be verified by one of our team prior to approval where all relevant security checks will be conducted

  • Once your listing has been approved, it will go live and all traders with the relevant preferences will be notified of the new listing

  • Buyers will now have 28 hours in which to place their maximum offer

  • After the 28 hour window has elapsed, you will be offered the chance to either accept or decline the highest offer

  • Should you accept the offer, one of our team will be in touch to arrange collection of your watch

  • Upon receipt of your watch, we will conduct our authentication process. On approval, the watch will be issued to the buyer and 70% of the sale value paid to you by same-day payment

  • Should you decline the highest obtained offer, your account manager will contact you to discuss further selling options offered by Chrono Connect.

Chrono Connect

Dedicated Trader Platfrom

The first trader only platfrom, Chrono Connect connects hundreds of traders from across the U.K and Europe allowing you to buy and sell high end timepieces at trade prices.

Fast & Efficient

Designed for the modern trader the platfrom allows transactions to be completed within 48 hours from start to finish.

Dedicated Account Managers

Our dedicated account managers are available to you through a number of methods, including WhatsApp, to ensure you get the most out of the platform.